The NCCI logo is inspired by the Bangladesh National Monument Jatiyo Sriti Soudho as well as the Nordic sail ship history and the colours of the Nordic flag

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bangladesh (NCCI) was founded on 23rd November 2010 as a joint initiative of the Nordic Companies and Embassies in Bangladesh. The Nordic businesses have a strong presence in Bangladesh, making significant contributions in various sectors.

Trade relations between the Nordic Countries and Bangladesh have grown steadily over the years. Bangladesh’s export earnings were more than 500 million dollars from Nordic Countries in 2009/2010, an increase of 14.5% from 2008/2009 fiscal year. Similarly, Nordic Countries export earnings has also been in upward trend.

The overall objective of NCCI is first of all to create a strong network for Nordic Companies already operating in Bangladesh. An objective is also to create a strong and unified voice for the Nordic Companies. The Chamber will also seek to provide assistance and advice for new Nordic Companies aspiring to do business in Bangladesh. Finally, it will also be an objective of the Chamber to create more awareness of Nordic technology solutions in Bangladesh as well as helping create more awareness about Bangladesh in the Nordic countries.


To create a voice

To act as unifying body projecting and informing the joint views/statements of Nordic business in Bangladesh to the local stakeholders (Government, Embassies, International Organizations, Press, etc.).

To share stories – to create success for all

To facilitate a higher success rate for Nordic businesses and business individuals in mastering the local challenges by sharing experiences, network resources, best practices and approach to special situations.

To keep companies updated and in the loop

Analyze national developing policies and their possible impact on Nordic businesses. Also highlight Nordic business values, competences and compliance requirements that may positively contribute to better business practices in Bangladesh.

To promote Nordic business and Bangladesh

To measure and project the influence and impact of Nordic Businesses in Bangladesh to the main stakeholders locally and thereby also promote a positive image of Bangladesh as an investment destination for other Nordic businesses.

To create “External” network

To organize regular luncheon meetings, other social functions, match-making events etc. This includes facilitating high level meetings between relevant authorities and selected representatives of the Chamber and also to be a contact point for new Nordic investments in Bangladesh.


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